Friday, January 13, 2012

Pet portrait

I want to share with you this painting of Oskar and Ulani by Josephine Aurora Burck.  Also known as Josie, this brilliant artist works from photographs, capturing the essence of a pet's spirit with her brush strokes on canvas.

Did I also mention that Josie is Farm Girl Beth's youngest daughter?  Or that she is eleven years old?

Josie, like many young women her age, has gone a bit horse crazy.  And in order to lease a horse for the summer, she needs to generate some income.  Luckily for her, she has great talent! 

I love how Josie captured the light on Oskar and Ulani's hair with just a few bold strokes, adding a lively tan across Ulani's muzzle for texture and depth.  The delicate gray hairs around Oskar's nose, and the dark shadow where his fall covers his eyes.

And how about the beautiful light periwinkle of the background?  What a choice!

I've been missing Oskar, but having this portrait in my living room helps me to remember him and keep him near.  Thanks for the good work, Josie!

Note, Josie wrote a post about her technique for the Briard hair -- check it out!


The JR said...

What a talented girl.

I know you miss him. He was such a sweet guy.

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh goodness Johanna, no wonder it's helping you remember Oskar - such a gorgeous painting, Josie has a wonderful talent.

Sherry said...

What a treasure, not only for your memories but for the chance to watch a maturing artist.

Josie Burck said...

Thanks so much for posting Oscar and Ulani on your blog! And also for bringing awareness to my blog.
If anyones is enterested, please visit:

Melissa H. said...

What a great painting! She could do some chicken portraits too, when the weather gets better.

Pam said...

How perfect, Johanna!! Young Josie did a great job on a very difficult subject!