Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guest appearance

For the past few days, Barnard has wandered up close to the house in the morning when Ulani goes out.  She gives Ulani the leg rub and enthusiastic purring, but when I open the door for Ulani to come inside, Barnard runs back to the barn.

Until this morning!

This morning when I opened the door Ulani hung back and Ms. Barnard trotted right up the steps and into the house, pretty as you please!  Ulani, puzzled, needed to be reminded to come in herself.

Once inside, Barn' stood by the door and peered into the vast expanse which is the living room, feeling the warm, heated air caress her back.  Her toes relaxed into the dry, warm, woven cotton rug while she breathed deeply the smell of "no chickens in here"!

Then Luke came on the scene.  Paradise lost.

Luke hissed.  Barnard smacked him.  They took opposite corners of the dining table and hunkered down.  This was too much action for Ulani, who quickly entered to restore order and respect.  Or maybe she just told them to hold on a minute until she got her bet placed.

When I once again opened the back door, Barnard made like a banana and split for her home turf.

But I hope she'll be back!


MaryEllen Schneider said...

Ahh, the adjustments of introducing a new cat to the household. I've heard of cats that become friends almost immediately but I think it must be an urban legend.

Hope Barnard and Luke warm up to each other soon!

Tomi said...

Ha! Perhaps Luke has met his match! The King might have to learn to share his throne or be deposed altogether. Or perhaps Barnard will prove to be his Wallis....

Rose H (UK) said...

I think the temptation of the warmth may overcome any territory wars!

The JR said...

New cats always cause a clatter in the mix.

We have one that just showed up and it's turning into a slap fest at feeding time.

Yolanda said...

This was a lovely blog post