Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday kisses!

Yes, it's my birthday and I am not shy about it.  My close friends know I love to celebrate another year's passing and if it means stretching out the birthday visits over weeks, that's all good.

Regular visitors to Life at Busy Solitude Farm know I try to celebrate here, too.  Just last year every member of the BSF gang was featured.  And in 2010, Oskar and Ulani brought me a special present.  2009 had a revealing post!  I guess in 2008 I wasn't yet really mentioning myself much in my posts, but I always liked this post, so let's call it my 2008 birthday post!

Of course birthdays do bring some reflection, and I think all of you know that so many of the BSF friends seen in these past posts are no longer with us.  So a moment of reflection on their happy lives here, and how much they meant to me.


And now, the 2012 celebrating gets under way!  I hope that each and every reader will take a moment today to think about all of the great things we have in our lives -- friends, health, laughter.  Do that, and it will the best gift I could imagine.


The JR said...

What a juicy kiss!

Happy B'day. Hope it's a very wonderful day.

MaryEllen Schneider said...

So true, Johanna. Every day is a gift. Many happy returns!

greelyrita said...

Happy Birthday!! Yay!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoying spending all of it with you, literally from 9 am - 8 pm with only an hour break!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hope you have a happy, happy day Johanna! Sending my very best wishes across the pond.
Rose H