Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The children were nestled all snug in their bed!

Envision a sweet 2009! Wish best wishes from Busy Solitude Farm -- Johanna, Oskar, Ulani, Luke, Abe and all the chickens!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nummy Nog!

Please, won't you join me in a nummy nog? Use the absolute freshest ingredients -- I only use today's eggs.

To make a single large or two regular sized nogs, use

1 egg, separated yolk and white
1/8 cup sugar
3-4 oz. milk (any strength)
3-4 oz. half and half
enough whipping cream to daub on top
spiker of choice (I prefer dark rum)
nutmeg, orange rind

Whip the cream and set aside. Rinse beaters.
Whip the egg white and set aside.

Mix the egg yolk and sugar until blended. Slowly pour in the milk and half and half to blend. Fold in the beaten egg white to fluff everything up. Spike with rum, cognac, whiskey, brandy, whatever you prefer, if desired. Float the whipped cream on top, grate some nutmeg and/or orange rind on top.

Serve in a beautiful glass. Don't be afraid to use your finger to get every last fluffy drop!

(Adapted from Martha Stewart's recipe. The painting in the photo is by Debra Henderson.)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Does your face hurt?"

Remember that old joke? One kid asks another kid "Does your face hurt?" The second kid says, defensively, "No!" and the first kid says "Well it's killing me!!!" Ha ha ha.

Except right now, my face IS killing me. That "peaches" blush across my cream cheek is actually a strep infection in the skin of my face. It's swollen and hot to the touch and very uncomfortable.

How on earth did it get there? I don't precisely know. True, I was exposed to a home (which will remain anonymous!) where there was a child with strep throat. Apparently I picked it up there, though I had no direct contact with the child. The next day one side of my neck swelled up, then it crept across the cheek and bridge of my nose, down the other cheek and into my neck on the second side.

Caring friends encouraged me to get in to the doctor. OK, pushy friends insisted I not let another day go by without being seen. The doctor was glad I did. Apparently strep on your head can be a little close to the main operations of your life for comfort. So she dosed me up with penicillin and instructions to take it easy, which I've kind of followed.

One side of my head feels better today. The other side, not so much. I am hoping that the penicillin cowboys will ride over there today and chase all those evil strep bugs out of there.

In the meantime, tomato soup and chamomile tea are the order of the day.

Don't touch me!