Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Wolf Moon Brings...

The Wolf Moon of January has been particularly brilliant the past few days.  I've been catching it on the descent when I go to the barn in the morning.

Today I stood closer to the back fence to try a different angle.  And in the silence of the dark morning I heard something move in the brush.

This is the unretouched photo I took aimed at the burn pile.  Can't tell much from that!  So I hit the "enhance" button, and more detail was revealed.
Now I've got something to work with.  So I started to look around the photo.  You can see the pile of brush waiting to be burned on the left-hand side.  And the first clear tree trunk just left of center.  Is that something on the lens, floating above the pile?

That's no speck!  That looks like a pair of glowing eyes!!!

My guess is possum, though I'm open to other interpretations.  I love my new camera!


The JR said...

I've never heard it called the wolf moon.

Learn something new all the time.

vaughnroycroft said...

Been loving your moon shots, Johanna! You're probably right about the eyes, but in the photo it looks like an owl. We saw a barred owl this summer in the early am. We hear them often, but rarely see them.

Johanna said...

Vaughn, I'd love to think it was an owl -- I've never seen one here in the six years I've been here! Possum, I see them all the time!

Manhattan Harvey said...

I vote owl. Who knows?

greelyrita said...

With a title like that on the post, I was all excited thinking you had a wolf right there. Mind you, I've never seen a possum either. Porcupines, I've had in my yard though. I let the dog out for her morning pee and she comes back in with a snout full of needles. The vet said, "that's what you get when you let them run loose". Harumpf. No, right in the yard, mister! Love your photos!!