Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey There Lonely Girl!

What's Dolly Part-hen doing out there?  Last night I thought all the hens were in the barn.  In fact, I spent a good 40 minutes mowing grass back here and never saw this lonely girl left outside by herself.  And she spent the whole night out alone, only to be discovered when I went to check the peas!

She did not seem too upset to be on her own.  She just flipped her gorgeous tailfeathers at me.  So I went into the barn (after securely fastening Ulani to her "please don't eat the chickens" tie-out!), and opened the hatch.

All the hens poured out to the run, followed by Egglebert, Jr.  And then Dolly came inside.

You might remember Dolly Part-hen.  She was born with something wrong in her crop, perhaps some kind of tumor or obstruction.  She was slow to grow.  Some suggested she be culled from the flock, but I was curious to see how she'd make out.  And she's done fine, except she still has the problem.

 You see how her crop gets overly full and bulgy.  It looks terribly uncomfortable.  But she seems to get by alright.

The skin is pink and stretched.  Gradually it will ease back down to normal size, then she'll fill it up again.

Living in the country ain't for sissies!


The JR said...

I'm glad you gave her a chance. Also, very glad nothing happened to her spending the night out alone.

Rose H (UK) said...

She's one cool hen! I'm glad she was no worse for wear for staying out all night - she must have found a good spot to roost.

John Going Gently said...

I have never seen a hen with a crop like this.....
amazing.....I have 50 hens and assorted other poultry.......too