Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blessed Event

I walked into the barn this afternoon to pick up eggs and see what was up, and look what I saw!  Two peeps -- and one is a blond!

I'd known they were a possibility, but thought I had a few more days.  So I quickly mucked out the privacy stall, filled it with clean wood shavings, and put straw in the little dog crate.  Then I grabbed Mama who acted like I was burning her alive.  Stuck her under my arm and scooped up the two babes in my other hand, then thrust them all into their new habitat.

There were three eggs still in the nest.  I know that one was layed this past week, but the other two were the same age as the eggs that hatched, so I put them all into the crate with the others.

No sooner did I put a little jar of chick feed in with them, than Mama started the wonderful, motherly clucking that says "come here, baby, I want to teach you about something good!"  First the dark one came to investigate.

Then the new Blondie peeked out.

She came over while Mama clucked away...

Then started pecking food along with Mom!

I had the other hens and the duck locked out while we got settled in here, but now they are greeting the babies.  I'll get a picture of the isolation room later.  It's about 5x8' framed, with chicken wire all over it and a door that latches.  The crate is turned away from where the "general population" is so that the family can have privacy if they want it.  It's nice because the babies grow up aware of the rest of the flock, and integration is no problem.

Now, do I dare go to the farm store tomorrow and get a couple of Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks to slip under Mama when she's asleep?! 

The end.  Until later!


Anonymous said...

Johannah, I loved your blessed event. Just keep those girls laying. I really enjoyed your visit with the wild flowers in your farm too.. Someday I hope to have flowers like yours. I did plant some amaryllis and some paper whites which came up for me twice this winter fully enjoying them. How is Mr. Oskar?

The JR said...

Good post. Luv seeing the little ones.