Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Walk-Around

The peas I sprouted in the house are pushing up out of the ground!  Take a look -- this is my best pea crop in three years!!!  It's going to be a great spring!
All the daffodils are bursting after our string of 70 degree days.  Wish the blue behind them here was grape hyacinth, but alas it's the evil Creeping Charlie!

Luke joined me for a walk around the yard.  It's my hope to rehabilitate this fence this year, but it may need to wait for another year. The gate no longer closes, the far side leans precariously towards the street. 

We strolled past the perennials, where lots of daffodils and tulips are coming up.

Luke paused for a snack!

White daffodils are not my favorite, but these are quite cheery!

These, I believe, are the Poet's Narcissus that I, uh, borrowed from an abandoned farm down the road.  Looks like they settled in well and will give plenty of first-year blossoms soon.

I am always surprised and delighted when the bleeding hearts reappear.  They're quite small at the moment -- only been up a couple of days -- but they'll cover the tulips in this bed in short order.  Every year I think "plant more bleeding hearts!"  Maybe this year I'll remember!

Oskar enjoyed a fresh marrow bone in the yard while I made my walk-around.  Just look at him smiling!

And look who's still around, now near the gate to the veggie garden!

The mystery digger!  Such clean excavation -- obviously an artist.  Maybe some day we'll figure out just exactly who does this!

Today, thunderstorms.  A quick pause for the garden tour.  But we'll be back soon!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Luke is a good patrolkitty.

The JR said...

Looks like you need to borrow my game cam and get the mysterious diggers picture.

Enjoyed the walk-around.

Chicken Boys said...

I enjoy a good walk outside. Especially when the weather is nice. Looks like you and Luke had a grand time.

Margaret Roach said...

Wow, Love the chickens. Thank you for the pics. As for who digs those perfect holes, not sure...but I have them too! Damn!