Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everyone knows it's windy!

High wind warnings today.  No risk of this one blowing away, as floozy as she looks!

Oskar stared the wind down and won!

In the barn, Godzilla hen relaxed with her two babies.  I am fascinated by the white one -- have not had any white chickens, so I am puzzled by her genetics.  (I call them all "her" until they prove me wrong!)

And now, announcing...

I bought another set of chicks and ducks!  One chick survived the Godzilla massacre, so I got her three chick buddies...

...and two more Indian runner ducklings!  There is such a personality difference between chicks and ducklings.  The ducks are much more inquisitive about me.  They waddle over and look me in the eye as if to ask "do you have a plan for me?"  The chicks' curiosity is usually overwhelmed by their caution.

As the winds whooshed in today, they brought suddenly warmer temperatures.  I got home and checked the barn thermometer -- it read 106 over the babies!  So I rushed out to open their kennel wrappings some and let fresh air in.  The four chicks were huddled in one corner out of the worst heat.  But where were the ducklings?

Oh no!

I peered all over and finally found them.

They have moved to the back of the cardboard box, totally out of the heat rays.  Smart duckies! 

And that's the update from this windy day at Busy Solitude Farm!


Rose H (UK) said...

My heart melts to see those georgeous chicks and ducklings. And your furry friend as so cute too!

Sara said...

I'm so glad you got more ducklings! As much as I love chicks, there's nothing quite like charming character of ducklings to make your heart swell. Good luck with your new brood, Sara xx

The JR said...

Luv the wild hair doo!

Glad you got the chickie baby some company.

those ducks are really cute.

Chicken Boys said...

Poultry keeping is addictive, isn't it?