Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In December I accepted a job at our regional humane society.  I resisted bringing home any dogs or cats for over three months, but last week I caved!

This six month old puppy was brought in by people who said they had been caring for her for friends, but the friends no longer wanted her and the people couldn't keep her.  Another staff member immediately noticed her gentle nature, adaptability, and cute face and thought "therapy dog!"  When I met her I felt the same.

So Phoebe joined the crew at Busy Solitude Farm.  In Greek mythology, Phoebe is "radiant, bright, prophetic" and that's what I'm hoping for her. 

It is safe to say that Ulani was underwhelmed at the prospect of a puppy on the team, but by the second day they were racing and chasing happily -- just look at this series of photos!  Ulani turns 11 in a month, so that's saying something!

What is she?  Her coloring is like a Portuguese Water Dog, but she's probably some kind of "doodle" mix.  We think she's around six months old and as you see in the photos, she's maybe 1/2 or 2/3 the size of Ulani, who is 75 pounds.

I'm going to work on getting her obedience rock solid so she can be a therapy dog and represent the shelter when we visit community groups.  Phoebe, you have a big future ahead of you!


The JR said...

She's a beautiful girl. Ulani looks happy to have somebody to play with.

I know she's getting a great home and you are very sweet for rescuing her.

The JR said...

p.s., it's Ramona

I changed my google + name and it now displays like this when I leave comments

anno said...

She's completely adorable -- suspect there are wonderful adventures ahead for all of you!