Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dirty Daphne and the Deck

Phoebe's evil alter-ego, Dirty Daphne, discovered this morning that she can slip under the low deck at the front of our house.  Then she apparently shimmies all the way (about 20 feet) to the other side and back.  What fun!  Cats and other critters use that space for shelter from bad weather -- you can imagine what it's like down there!

I tried to set up a temporary blockade.  Ulani was flummoxed.  "I've lived here nine years and I never knew I could go under there!"  She was about to attempt it when I caught her.  She came out with half-rotted leaves all over her front.  Blech.

Then Dirty Daphne discovered an enticing space still open.  "Over here, Ulani!  I think you could just about make it!  What fun we'll have!"

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The JR said...

lol....cause our beagles find one spot, we fix it, then move down to another spot, we fix it

ya, see the pattern here