Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Joke

Here it comes. Forecasters predict 12-18 inches here at Busy Solitude Farm. It just keeps on coming. The saving grace is it's Sunday and we have nowhere to go. 

Tomorrow is a different story. Dangerous windchills with air temperature highs below zero. And I do need to go to work, so here's hoping that my ungaraged car will start!

I've made some effort to keep the winds from blowing through the barn, but I expect they will be pretty unhappy for a couple of days. 

Let's think warm thoughts and look forward to Wednesday!




anno said...

The next few days are definitely not going to be easy. I'm taking some solace in the -- slightly -- improving forecasts for Monday and Tuesday, and I'm glad we've got our girls' Winter Palace freshly supplied with dry straw. Wishing all the best to yours (and good luck with the car tomorrow, too)!

The JR said...

oh man, that's a lot of snow!