Sunday, April 21, 2013


Frost is the price we pay for a clear, starry night.  But the clear sky this morning means quickly rising temperatures, so I guess we'll pay.

The frost emphasizes the hillocks forming all over the yard.  The old John Deere garden tractor finally  shipped off to a new home, where a mechanically inclined mind might just eke out a few more years use.  After weeks of checking in with the local store, I've discovered that they are not getting a shipment this spring, but instead they need to make a special request that a model be brought in for me to review -- why didn't we have that discussion weeks ago?  In any event, I'm hoping to be able to smooth out the hillocks soon.

Near the barn the grass was barely frosted.  More a function of the direction of the breeze than the temperature differential, I think.  Makes a pretty green pool on the lawn.

If only Ulani had lifted her head here, it would have made a gorgeous photo.  Sadly, her attention remained with whatever scent she'd caught in the grass, so this was the best we could do.

Here's hoping that the sunshine and warmer air will dry out this past week's flooding quickly, so we can get into the garden!


anno said...

So pretty! And doesn't a bit of frost make the spinach and kale taste sweeter?

Am personally looking forward to seeing how those roses grow! (And, btw, thanks to you, I finally saw blooms on one of my Lenten roses -- who knows how many years it would have taken me to notice them otherwise.)

Rose H (UK) said...

I love to see a clear night sky even with the frost!
Hope it'll soon warm up for you too, we are finally getting Spring...though I haven't sewn seeds yet either.
Best wishes
Rose H

The JR said...

thank goodness my hubby can work on our old tractor...that's the only reason it stays running