Monday, April 22, 2013

A Big Day!

 Today is Ulani's TENTH birthday!  

 She wouldn't smile near the Lenten roses.  
I guess she feels there's a certain dignity attached to double digits.

Even her birthday portrait is serious.  
There are a lot of big thoughts in that dog mind.
Maybe she's just exercising her gravitas?

(Even back at her sixth birthday, in this photo, 
she had a certain regal presence!)



anno said...

Happy Birthday, Ulani! Wishing you many treats and adventures and soft places to rest.

Pam said...

Happy, happy day, Ulani! I know your Mum will make it a special day for you!

Chou Chou said...

Happy Birthday, Ulani! You are so beautiful.
Wishing you many more happy years to come.
nancy and Chou Chou Briard

The JR said...

Happy b'day you beautiful girl and many more!