Monday, April 1, 2013

This is going to change things

Have you ever noticed how really good, fresh eggs are hard to crack open?  What's your technique -- tap it on the side of a bowl?  Smash it on the countertop?  Or do you use the dull side of a knife to tap around it?

My hens lay eggs with thick, strong shells.  It sometimes takes two or even three attempts to get them open!  This really slows down my breakfast.

So imagine my delight when I collected eggs and discovered an easy-open egg!  This is going to change things forever!  The egg on the right in the photo above has a typical, hard as a rock shell.  Looks like any egg you'd get at the grocery store.

But the egg on the left comes with the new, easy-open shell including a groove that fits right on the edge of the counter!  One tap, out comes the delicious egg, and you're well on the way to your breakfast! 

Think of the time you'll save when you're not making two or even three attempts to get at that yolk!  More time to wash the dishes!  More time to vacuum the rug!  More time to groom the dog!

Oh.  Well.  Maybe it's not such a good idea after all.  Happy April 1!


anno said...

Well, you had me going: kept thinking, "Really? Those are the ones I throw out of the pasture?" Happy April !st!

Anonymous said...

I know it's April 1st but does that mean there is no groove...I was thinking how in the groove this chickie is!

The JR said...

We've had those a couple of times.

Also, had the tiny one about the size of a quarter with no yolk. We called them an egg fart....