Sunday, October 30, 2011

The End of the Staycation

A beautiful, chilly morning here at Busy Solitude Farm.  It's the final day of my weeklong staycation.  Too short, no surprise.  I accomplished some things on my list but the rest will just have to wait for another day.

A light frost covered this morning's yard.  Can't complain when I hear about eleven inches of wet snow covering friends' trees out east.  Rain is due here, but Ulani and I did get a nice walk in this morning.

And then I began creating two "pumpkin" pies for my book group meeting this evening.  My favorite is made from roast butternut squash, which I did yesterday.  This morning I baked crusts, adding a half cup of toasted, crushed pecans to the dough.  Then I mixed up the custard and now they're baking away.

The crusts browned too quickly, so there's some foil covering parts I don't want to blacken.  And the extra crust dough?

I made pie crust cookies to enjoy with a strong coffee, topped with whipped heavy cream.

That's what staycation is all about!


Rose H (UK) said...

How nice to have a staycation Johanna - no security worries, no problem feeding lovely pets and animals, no packing and unpacking either, and a chance to 'catch-up' too! On reflection I'd rather have a staycation :o)
Lovely photos, and those pies look mouthwateringly lovely.

The JR said...

I know when I was home several days a month or so ago, I didn't get hardly anything checked off the list.

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Thanks for taking us along on your staycation, Johanna.

Your pies look yummy and I love the idea of crushed pecans in the crust. If I ever make a homemade crust I'm borrowing your idea!

Johanna said...

Shandy--Homemade crust is really easy, and SO worth it! The one tip I'll give you is to use half butter and half Crisco (no matter what the recipe says)! Always a flaky delicious crust that way.

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