Sunday, October 9, 2011

Luke Likes Autumn

Luke hasn't had much play on the blog lately.  In fact, the last time his photo appeared was July 10 in a Morning has Broken entry.  So I thought I'd see what he was up to this morning.

I discovered him here, enjoying the flora and fauna of the septic prairie.  Yes, that's him!

I think there must be mice and voles and so on making nests up there for the winter.  Both Luke and Ulani have been spending more time snooping around.  Ulani comes inside full of dried plant matter...

But this is Luke's entry!

We've had a week of warm, sunny days.  Luke likes to go out first thing in the morning, make his rounds to see what might have gone on since bedtime.  Then he comes in for breakfast, and if I allow it (which I try not to on work days!) he goes back out for the day.  He'll spend time sitting on a yard chair in the sun, or finding a cool, quiet spot under an evergreen for a nap.  I've even caught him visiting in the barn a couple of times -- he never did that before Barnard moved in!

Then, after he's been out for a while, he makes his way back to the house.  But just to check in before he starts more wandering!


Rose H (UK) said...

Your life is shared with such lovely animal friends Johanna, Luke is a handsome chap :o)
He has a wonderful life, and such a fabulous 'jungle' to hunt in!

The JR said...

A great hunter...YES. One of my hubbies favorite lines from Jeriamiah Johnson.

He can repeat every line of that movie.

A very pretty boy.