Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nekkid girl!

It's been drawn to my attention that there's been a rather big change here at Busy Solitude Farm and I failed to explain it.  So here goes.

My princess, Ulani, had to be boarded for two nights a few weeks ago when I went to a conference out of town.  I decided to have them groom her and give her a bath.  Such luxury!  Since Ulani is 8 years old and has never been professionally groomed, I told the groomer that it was not necessary for anyone to get stressed, and if it was easier, she could cut Ulani's coat.  But I specifically asked her NOT to cut her "fall" (aka "bangs").  Specifically.

This was Ulani a week before boarding:

And this was the evening she came home:

Look how long her legs are!  But she's "butt nekkid", as they say.  And in case you can't see it here...

...they cut her bangs straight across her nose.  Aargh!

I don't despair.
I've not a care. 
It's just hair. 


greelyrita said...

Poor Ulani!! And with the cold weather just about here! I'm sure you envisioned a longer coat but with a few matts missing by being cut out. Reminds me of when I sent my cat to the vets for whatever and she came back with cut nails. She'd never done damage to the furniture before but now her nails were catching on everything. I was upset! as I am sure you are too.

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh goodness, poor Ulani! I would have STRANGLED the groomer. Bad enough in the summer, but nearing Winter? At least her beautiful coat will grow back. Give her a hug from me please.
Rose H

The JR said...

They are just like barbers and don't listen.

I told the guy one time to "V" my hair and keep it so that it could be in a pony tail.

He had to pull it up so high to be able to get it into a pony tail that he gave me Chinese Eyes....

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH!! they DID cut ALL her hair off!! poor princess! It will be back soon though!

Lawrence B said...

Appreciate youu blogging this