Saturday, March 26, 2011

Willow, weep for yourself

It's the classic view of Busy Solitude Farm.  Loyal readers know my old barn and huge willow tree.  Sadly, that view is going to change.
Oh, it's not a drastic change as changes goes.  No tragedies accompany this news; no one's been hurt.  But the morning I took these photos last week I discovered something unsettling.

See, right there in the middle of the big branch that hangs over the barn roof?  There's a hole in it.  You could put your hand through it.
This is not good news.

I've always joked that when that branch came down I could collect insurance and rebuild the barn.  That was a joke.  But if this branch came down in a storm it would do serious damage.

So I've called the tree guys to come take a look.  In all honesty, if I had lots of money I would have the entire tree removed.  Sure, it casts beautiful shade in the summer.  But willows are notoriously messy trees, casting little branches and leaves everywhere.  And in my five plus years here, two big branches have already come down, the first smashing the fence and the second nearly smashing my table and chairs.  But tree work is very spendy, as they say.

Thus the bad branch has to go.

I'm already in for having my front fence rebuilt this spring.  Between that and the tree, there goes my budget for improvements!  I plan to stretch a bit and put in a couple of fruit trees beyond the fence.  They can grow up a bit, provide some back-up in case the willow is removed in the future.

Watch for a new view of BSF coming your way soon!


Roberta said...

That willow is just beautiful! A good tree person will know just what branches to remove so that it retains its willow-ness. Good luck!

The JR said...

We have an oak that keeps losing limbs.

Smashed and killed 2 of the fruit trees....