Monday, March 28, 2011

The Big Barn Reveal

This morning Graham Tree Services came by to fix my willow tree.  I only stayed for the first few minutes, then I had to go to work, but it was a real production.

They brought the cherry picker and the chipper into the yard.  You can imagine how excited Oskar and Ulani were in the house!  After reviewing the situation, Bruce got into the bucket and moved on up into the canopy.

As I watched from the driveway, he whacked off a few dead limbs on a different branch!  I had to catch my breath and remind myself that he knows trees, and after all I did hire them.  So before I changed my mind, I went off to work.

Now join me as I return home for the big reveal!

(BTW, ducks are ok!)


mom said...

You could hang banners from the edges of the barn roof! Or maybe have a sign painted like "Visit Rock City" (remember those?)
Well, the tree is better off and out of pain and that's the main thing.
Love, mom
p.s. What does obtur mean?

Rose H (UK) said...

:o) Your tree guys certainly know their job! What a wonderful (and safe) difference.

The Old Red House said...

Filming while driving!?! Isn't that like texting while driving?

The JR said...

We've cut down several huge sweet gum trees in our side pasture so we can work on our hay field.

It makes the pasture look huge now. I'm not going to miss the sweet gums. They are considered a trash tree around here.

At least the barn should be safe now.

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