Friday, March 18, 2011

Morning Bird Song

OK, I admit it.  One of the good things about daylight savings time is that dawn falls well within my "getting ready for work" time.  So I take my coffee outside, and while the dogs snuffle around investigating who's been through the yard overnight, I sit on the step and listen to the birds.

I don't know much about birdsong, but I am told these videos caught the American cardinal and the robin, as well as that most elusive character, the rooster!  Well, even I could have ID'd the rooster!

Please, get another cup of coffee and enjoy!

1 comment:

The JR said...

The DST is going to kill me, I have ended up in the briar bed which is suppose to be a flower bed every afternoon this week. After horse chores is 8 pm before we even get in to start supper.....