Monday, September 6, 2010

Waking the barn

I love all the sounds of the barn first thing in the morning. The light crackles on, the chickens begin to cackle and crow.  Next the young chicks start their peeping.  Finally, an appearance by Ari and the Wacky Quackers.

I worked an exceptionally long weekend at the Outsiders Outside Art Fair and hoped to sleep in today, but the dogs woke me at 3:00 am, I finally let them out at 4:00 am and the cats joined them outside.  In five minutes the dogs and I were back indoors but the cats stayed out.  So by 5:00 am one of the cats was howling, the dogs woke again, and I cashed in my chips. 

Rather than grouse about it, I decided it was an opportunity to capture the sounds of the barn.  I'd wanted to share them anyway.

I'll take a nap later.  Maybe two naps.


Anonymous said...

I love naps, I plan my whole day around them. Congratulations on your lovely art fair.

The JR said...

Our crazy roos, crow at all hours of the night!

Hope you got your nap.