Saturday, September 11, 2010


Spot started crowing this week.  There's no longer any question -- he's a rooster.  Now he needs to continue to defer to the older roosters and all will be well.  Otherwise, well, all will not be well.

Isn't he beautiful?  When he's outside he appears white with a melt of butter on him.  (I don't eat meat, so there are no worries there!)  One might say "pearlized", but I would NOT!  (If that doesn't mean anything to you, then please read this story.)

He no longer hops up on my shoulder.  In fact, he no longer comes anywhere near me.  Last night when I wanted to close the barn, he stayed out in the yard and I had to chase him into the little catch chute where he is cornered and I can grab him.  He totally freaked out.  I kept saying "hey, Spot, it's your old buddy here.  Don't be scared, I'm just putting you inside for the night."

Kind of makes me sad when they grow up and don't need you any more.

Since Ulani got Spot's sister a while back, he's alone in his generation.  He really doesn't have any chicken friends to hang around with, though I expect he'll start to be friendly with the ladies soon.

Then he won't need me at all.


Unknown said...

Don't you mean he's all "crow-n" up?

Sherry said...

Funny how roosters reject people when they mature and hens stay friendly.

Roberta said...

That makes me a little sad. I didn't know that they reject you eventually. I'm lucky so far. My little man is as friendly as ever.

Chicken Boys said...

Well, that's attachment. I enjoy all my birds, really. But I've never gotten that attached. Mike inadverdently killed Dana. She was our "pet" cornish rock due to a foot condition. She never laid an egg, and was as sweet as could be. But Mike got her confused with another hen who had gotten leg mites, and made her foot look large, too. Now, Dana, is in our freezer. It's sad, I know. I DO feel bad. Really. But these chickens aren't really supposed to be our pets. They are either egg producers, egg fertilizers, or meat. Sad, I know. But that's just the way it is.

The JR said...

We have our roos separate from the hens. I do eat meat, but won't eat anything I've raised.....