Monday, September 6, 2010

Art for sheepdogs

Over Labor Day weekend, the gallery where I work hosts the Outsiders Outside Art Fair, a gathering of untrained, visionary and folk art.  As my mother says these artists "have no rules"!  Each year I buy one thing.  Three years that has meant chicken art.

I got this Butch Anthony circus banner my first year.  It's big -- about 4' x 5'.  I have it hung where you can see out the window to the side of my red barn with the chain link fence coming up to it -- I like that parallel visual.  Bob Ross is one far-out rooster!  (Butch Anthony named him after the guy who had the "How to Paint" show on PBS in the '70s -- remember that?!)

A couple of years later I got this painting from Deb Henderson.  Behind the white jar in green letters it says "poop"!  I love the position of the chick's head -- very realistic and so rarely seen in paintings.  This little girl watches over my dining table.

Last year I got this vivid painting from Matt Swenson.  I was determined not to get another chicken painting, but this was so me I couldn't resist!  It's right above my television, so I look at it frequently!

And that brings me back to the sheep.  Last year the painting I wanted more than anything was a huge panel by Theresa Disney.  It had lots and lots of sheep faces all one on the other, and the border was black with silver numbers -- counting sheep.  I'd say the piece was 5' wide and 3' tall.  Would be the perfect piece for above the bed.  But even with a very generous discount and payment plan, I could not do it.  Then this year, she showed up with a different painting that was irresistible and within my price range!  So, for Oskar and Ulani my sheepdogs, I got this:

Isn't it gorgeous?!  I love it!  And I finally have something on the wall above the bed!


The JR said...

I like them all! I bet the sheep with the #'s was a cute one too!

Have a great week. Will be out the rest of the week for my big horse show. Will have a lot of catching up to do next week!

Chicken Boys said...

I used to LOVE watching Bob Ross! It was so cool how he made painting look so easy! I did a little painting in high school in art class, but I always struggled with right shades and colors. Wierd how a chicken got named after him.

Verde Farm said...

I love all the art but your sheep dog one is the best. That is the sweetest picture. You can see a soul in those eyes!
Thanks for sharing!
Amy at Verde Farm

Janyce Selkin said...

I just LOVE all your chicken stuff! I for one have 175 of them in my kitchen! No joke! One day I will photo my kitchen for you to see. Love this blog!