Friday, June 11, 2010

Eight Week Check-in

These two birds hatched April 11.  Remember?

Yup, that was them, with Godzilla Hen.  I've been hoping so eagerly that they are girls.  Two roosters (Egglebert and Eggy Jr.) are plenty in this barn.  We have no need of additional testosterone.

I am partial to the white one.  No other chickens in the coop look like that.  This morning when I scattered the scratch, she was so excited she jumped up on my shoulder and shimmied down my arm to reach the source of the delicious treat!  Then when my palm was empty, she nestled her belly into my hand to relax for a bit.

But here's the thing.

I'm having trouble believing that these long legs are on a pullet.

More and more, this chick's structure reads "male" to me.

Darn it all!

They are eight weeks old now, and that's when I can start to distinguish.  I've been wrong before.  I really wish I was wrong here!

Maybe someone more experienced will chip in their two cents on this!  Or vote in our new poll!

What will this chick become?
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As far as the other young'uns go, I think the Runner Ducks are looking great!

When I bought them, the guy at the store basically went through the bin of mixed ducklings and patted them, the ones that stood up a little straighter he'd say "that's a Runner."  I was skeptical.  They looked like this:
Sometimes they stood upright, and sometimes they were more in your traditional duck pose, like the one in the background.

But they turned out to be the real deal.  They're kind of skittish, but very curious about everything!  They still whistle and again, I do not know whether they are boys or girls.

Look at those chocolate markings -- really lovely!  I can't wait for them to go outside and swim!

So life in the barn is good here at the two month mark.


MaryEllen Schneider said...

I have no chicken experience but that photo of the white one sure looks like a rooster. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Chicken Boys said...

Sorry, I had to vote rooster. At 8 weeks, their combs are already getting big. I've got a couple like that. But they will probably meet me at the dinner table this fall.

Cheryl said...

Might be to early to tell .. .

Unfortunately, I have had hens "turn to" into roosters. Look for signs of spur buds on the back of the legs. (I couldn't tell from the pictures.) I have a hard time judging from comb development because they vary so much from breed to breed.

Sunshyne said...

Rooster! I am almost certain. I have one (a white Leghorn) who looks just like yours. One more Rooster won't hurt, right? =)

The JR said...

Those ducks necks look a mile long!