Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Barn Birds

After everyone went in to roost this evening, I stepped out with my camera to catch up.  Here's Spot looking for all the world like a grown up, gulp, rooster.  Isn't he beautiful?  And here's why he's called Spot:

That's not dirt on his side.  He has about three feathers there that are tipped in black.  By the way, he has feathers as soft as my Black Australorp Eartha -- perhaps she's his mother!

Elsewhere in the barn, this apricot girl is one of the Easter Eggers I bought this spring.  Notice her bluish legs and Amish beard!  I can't wait to see what color eggs she lays.

I'm starting to refer to these two as "The Wacky Quackies"!  They talk more and more.  And look how tall they are!

And how skinny!

Domestic birds aren't the only ones in the barn.  There's been a lot of racket lately as the barn swallows begin to fledge.  I was startled last weekend to discover one nest's babies all perching together --

-- that's right -- all FIVE perching together!  The nest is on the other side of that beam.  No way can they all fit in it any more.

Look at their beautiful reddish bellies, and their beaks all lined up.  They remind me of gangsters, all huddled around plotting their next heist.  All they need is a cigar and one of those gangster hats!

Hope they don't blow up the barn!


Sallie Ann said...

These are really pretty!

Foothills Poultry said...

How old is spot and do you have a side view of his feathers?

I love the pictures.


Nancy K. said...

How awesome that you were able to see all five swallow babies together like that!

Johanna said...


It's hard to get a photo of Spot's feathers -- the flash wipes out the detail. But I'll see if I can get a better one!


The JR said...

Good pictures. I luv watching the swallows feed their young. Poor mom and dad have to huff it to keep them all fed.

Cheryl Opalski said...

The barn swallows are darling. We had some nest in our stable last year, but none this year.