Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Have you noticed the quotes on chickens and solitude on the right side of the page?  I'd like to add more.  My mother just gave me this one:
Raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens.  -- Anonymous
I don't think my mother is anonymous.  But maybe...?

Do you have any good quotes on the subjects at hand?  Please comment them below.  It's the dead of winter and the cabin fever is heating up!


Unknown said...

"an elegant sufficiency, content,/Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books" (James Thomson).

The above quote was included in a definition of solitude.

Johanna said...

Love that definition!

The JR said...

Sorry don't have any quotes, but love the one you just wrote.

p.s., forgot to tell you that Oskar and Ulani would love some of those extra eggs scrambled with their meal

Anonymous said...

no quotes to offer but wow that is one heck of a fine photo of the barn with the winter landscape. art show worthy.

Anonymous said...

Johanna - in your readings / internet surfings have you ever come across this blog >>>

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Callie Brady said...

Be patient : in time, even an egg will walk.

I'm not so patient. I suppose all that patience could add up to a lot of solitude. Or not.

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