Sunday, February 7, 2010


My Oskar-Schmoskar-Kielboskar is getting older.  He reached 11 in August, which definitely means Briard twilight years.  His muzzle shows gray now.  His eyes are hazy, and when he sleeps he doesn't always hear me come into the room.

Today I took both dogs for a walk.  Ulani's quick enthusiasm for everything was a stark counterpoint to Oskar's cheery but slower pace.  In fact, by the time we were heading towards home, I had to pull Ulani back to stay closer to Oskar's pace.  To be honest, though, he's been playing the "slow down on the way home" game for months now!

He loves to be outside if the weather is decent.  He keeps track of anything coming or going, and still runs from one corner of the yard to the other if he feels he needs to.  His gait is smooth and flowing, the "quicksilver" of the Briard standard.  Today he spent most of the morning outdoors in the sunshine.  And then to cap it off we had our walk. 

Then he hit the couch for a couple of hours.  Well, you've seen this photo, it wasn't today.  Today all three of us hit the couch.  It's my day off.

Beautiful Oskar.  As long as he's comfortable, I want him to stay around a long time.  He's my best boy.


Rhonda said...

Our Suzy is aging too. I can relate to what you're saying...
she's a dear and I'm enjoying every day she has with us.

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Being comfortable and enjoying each day is key. Even at 16 Shandy still gets excited when it snows and wants to play "find the treats" with Bandit every night. Such joy.

It's getting harder to get her to eat breakfast some days though. I think she's probably achy in the morning and just isn't into it but she's losing weight so I use goodies to tempt her. The fact that Bandit is standing by to swoop in as soon as she leaves her bowl helps too.

The JR said...

He's a beautiful boy. Oh how we love our fur kids.

Callie Brady said...

I read that Briards are great herding dogs. Even chickens. I love his beautiful coat.

Mrs. G said...

I found your blog through Sheryl at Providence Acres. Oskar looks beautiful and happy. I hope he lives well for a long time!

Johanna said...

Thanks, Mollie. Oskar is a special boy.

Callie, Oskar is great with my chickens, however Ulani likes to chase and then kill them. Too much prey drive. So the hens have to roam outside the fence where they're safe. I have a great photo of Oskar with my original five chickens. If I can find it I'll post it.