Monday, December 7, 2009

More decorating!

I've noticed that many of my neighbors had outdoor lights up at Thanksgiving! How organized they are! My problem was that I really wanted to improve on the barn wreath I used the first few years I lived here. It was nice, with white lights and a red bow, but it wasn't really large enough. What I need is 5 or 6 feet in diameter. Then I found out how much that would cost. No way! So I thought about building a form. Cut it out of plywood? Form it with PVC? Time was a-wastin', snow was coming.

I decided to skip the wreath this year and go for lights on my little NeBoShone pine.

It sits to the mound side of the barn, a nice distance from the house for viewing. Coming up the road you catch a quick peek of it between the trees, but mostly it's my private holiday sight.

Originally I wanted white lights, but colors were what I had available, so colors it is.

We got a dusting of snow overnight, adding to the soft look of these needles.

As the sky began to lighten this morning, the warm colors of my little NBS pine cheered the yard. Next: the indoor tree!

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