Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit.  Got it?  Since Thanksgiving I've listened more and more frequently to the all Christmas, all the time radio station.  Chipmunks, Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby, all the favorites.  And then Band-Aid comes on singing Do They Know It's Christmas with the lyric "tonight thank God it's them, instead of you."

And I cry.  Every time.

Because while I live a simple life, and I don't have fancy things, I do have the most important things.

I have Oskar, showing some graying on his muzzle but still exhilarated every morning when I open the door and he can race into the world.  And I have friends who send wonderful, loving holiday cards.

I have Abe, my cuddly old boy.  He wakens me each morning (if 5:00 am is morning to you!) with a pat on the cheek.

We have cookies in the oven.  And lots of cookies on the counter, waiting for a party.

I have Luke, the thinker, who considers me his right-hand girl.  He tells me when, I pour the kibble.  It works for us.

We have heat that works.  Our old house is not toasty, but we are comfortable.

And I have Ulani, aka Stinky Emilio.  Life is never dull with an active girl scheming out her next escapade.

So when I hear the song talking about people starving, with no water, and it says "tonight thank God it's them, instead of you", I do. 

I live a simple life, but I have all the important things.  And in the Christmas spirit, I hope you do, too.


Nancy K. said...

You are truly blessed!
As am I...

Merry Christmas and I wish you a New Year filled with Joy, Health and Love!

Chicken Boys said...

Amen. I can only echo you post. Mike and I don't have a lot, but we have 2 dogs, 4 cats, the fish, chickens, and pigeons....great family, good neighbors, and wonderful friends. We are truly blessed. And thankful for that, we are. You and yours have the happiest of holidays. See ya soon.

Callie Brady said...

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. We have the best and the most important things; just like you said. Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post !! thanks for sharing your family with your readers !! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All !!

Ronald Ferguson said...

Merry Christmas to you and your great furry family. Stay warm, kindof, and keep your family loving where they are, as you do. Good health to all of you. yer friend Ron

Anonymous said...

Wow Merry Christmas your Holiday Essay made me all teary this morning.

Linda, Suzette and Kismet
(okay there are a few others)

Janyce Selkin said...

You are so right. Lately we feel the same way. But we are thankful for our three Briards, our one Border Collie, Our two cats, our old house, our love for the sport of agility so we play often with our crew, our upcoming special grandchild any day now! We may have a tough time financially now but we are healthy and we put food on the table. Thank goodness and Merry christmas to you and yours!

Cheryl said...

Ah yes, we are so fortunate!

(but wouldn't a donkey or two just add to the bliss!)

Love you,

MaryEllen Schneider said...

So true, Johanna, and well said. I'd also add your gorgeous Christmas tree. That's a real beauty!

Anonymous said...

You are very blessed just like me! WE have a lot to be grateful for! Love the pets!!!

Rhonda said...

ok I didn't expect for tears this morning while reading your blog...
thanks for the reminder of all our blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to All At Busy Solitude Farm and to all the visitors here !!!

Stay Toasty & Rock On !!!!!

Smith said...

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