Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You might recall this blond hen. Just a few weeks ago she took up residence in the far-right nest box (see her here). She had six blue-green eggs under her and she gave it the good fight, stuck to the nest, and didn't let any other hens lay there once she had her clutch.

Just today, in fact, at lunch I mentioned to Judith that I was going to have to remove the eggs before one broke and stank up the barn. She asked "doesn't the hen know the eggs are no good?" and I kind of laughed and said "you know the expression 'bird brain'?"

I spoke too soon!

When I went into the barn after work today, this is what I saw:

Yup, now she's in the far-left box. She abandoned the six blue-green eggs on and is now setting on two fresh ones. I don't think Egglebert is fond of the Ameraucanas, who lay the blue-green eggs, so tomorrow I'm going to add in any brown eggs I find. Hopefully that will up our chances of success!

And doesn't it just figure -- if she hatches the new clutch, the peeps will appear just before our huge Labor Day art fair! She seems to be a very responsible hen, I'm sure she'll take good care of her babies, but I'll miss their first steps!!!

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The JR said...

Good luck. They do get determined. My bantie is. But, no rooster. She keeps trying anyway.