Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The New Generation Comes of Age!

Yesterday when I collected eggs, there was what I thought was a "fart egg" (remember?). I quickly pondered whether anything had happened to disturb the hens, worried that it must have occurred while I was at work, and went about my business. Then after work today I discovered another small hen -- and a lightbulb went on!

One of the new girls is laying eggs! I did not anticipate eggs for another full month, when they reach six months old, but apparently I have a precocious girl in there.

Now I'm wondering if she is the one who has been so exceptionally resistant to coming into the coop in the evening? Or perhaps that one has begun laying outside and doesn't want to abandon her eggs??!! I'll have to take a good look around to make sure we're not leaving any outdoors.

I haven't cracked the new eggs. Often the little ones are without yolk -- what good is that? But it won't take long until she lays "real" eggs, and frequently, which I know our egg customers will appreciate.


Addendum, August 22. Today I found three little eggs -- I think it's the Isa Brown chicks that are laying!


The JR said...

Congrats on the new layer.

The Little Dish said...


Manhattan Harvey said...

"Often the little ones are without yolk -- what good is that?"

Listen, Missie, here in Manhattan we're willing to pay a premium for egg-white-only omelets, all the better to keep our gym-toned bodies in top form! You should FedEx those no-yoke eggs out here and make a killing.