Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guest poster: Oskar

As I enter my sunset years, on the occasion of my eleventh birthday, I have just a few comments. I'm not a dog of many words, preferring actions that demonstrate my thoughts and beliefs.

I believe that everyone should greet the day with a bold walk, absorbing the activities of the night before in deep breaths, stretching the limbs in long strides. A cheery demeanor before breakfast is a happy day in the making.

I believe that each bowl of suppertime contains a life force to be savored while it's devoured. I've never met a suppertime I did not enjoy, nor should you. Food is fuel, not only for the body but for the spirit.

I believe that each of us should indulge our curiosity every day. I examine the grass where a mouse ran, listen to the chickens from outside the barn, observe the cows in the barn across the street. I wonder how their days are, what they are pursuing on their travels, who gives them their suppertime. Using my imagination opens my world, and it will open yours, too.

And finally, I believe that if one lives each day to the fullest, one will enjoy a deep, untroubled sleep each night.

Eleven years ago tonight my sister Charlotte and I were born. Our eight other siblings came in the morning of August 7th. Our mom Leila and Dad Beau have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, having lived happy lives with their people Veronique, Coleen and George. Now I share my life with Johanna, my niece Ulani, the cats Luke and Abe, and the other critters here at Busy Solitude Farm.

We start our days with bold walks and delicious suppertimes, spend our days exploring, and wind down each evening for good nights' sleeps. Life is good.

Ed. note: Oskar and I have always celebrated his birthday on August 6, perhaps just to irk my sister Melissa, who shares his day. His birth certificate says August 7 because the majority of his siblings came then. We'll be having a special walk this morning, and extra treats.


The Old Red House said...

Happy Birthday Oskar!! Such a wise dog....

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Happy birthday, Oskar! Thank you for sharing the gift of your wisdom.

Melissa H. said...

Just remember, Oskar, I had this birthday FIRST!! And I have thumbs! Just kidding. Happy Birthday Oskar, my birthday buddy. I hope you have a wonderful suppertime, the very best time of day.

The JR said...

Happy Late B'day Oskar. I hope you had a great one.

Anonymous said...
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