Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On stickiness.

Don't ask. OK, ask. I'm not too embarrassed.

Last night I took a chunk of frozen homemade caramel out of the freezer. I cut it into large squares to defrost in the refrigerator, but there was a small piece leftover.

Ulani displayed an unsafe level of interest in the caramel (can you see my dogs full of sticky candy?). I took that final piece, sitting on waxed paper, and set it up high where Ulani couldn't reach it. And I promptly forgot it.

This morning after I got up, got dressed, fed the cats and the dogs, I thought it would be nice to start the coffee pot before I went to feed the chickens so that the coffee would be ready when I came inside. And that's when I discovered my error.

Gee-ross! Oh, yeah, my coffee pot opens by lifting the lid, as most of them do. Can you say "glued shut"?? Yick, yeck, yuck! First I scraped, then I steamed, then I wiped it clean. Only took about ten minutes to be usable again.

This morning I drank my coffee black. Somehow it just didn't need sweetening!

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