Thursday, January 3, 2008

Community Spirit

Just as I was getting into my car this morning (after it had de-iced itself, wonder of wonders!), John the On-Time Disposal guy pulled up to remove my trash. He called out "hey, you got a new car! Nice!"

Now you know that in Chicago the trash man is not going to notice that you got a new car.

I walked down the drive to collect my can, and John thanked me for the little holiday cheer I had left for him. We commisserated about the cold and snow, and how they get in the way of business, especially his business. Then as I said "happy new year" and turned to head up the drive, he gave me a little hug. Not a bear hug, just a one armed acknowledgement that I see him as a person, nothing less.

To me that small gesture is what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

Ahem! How is it that your garbage man knows you have a new car but your very own FAMILY (your sister, at least) does not?? Hmm???? Pictures, please.

Joan said...

I would challenge that in Chicago a trash man is not going to notice that you got a new car. S/he may notice but doesn't have the time or opportunity to comment.