Sunday, January 13, 2008


The waters receded, and the chickens emerged from the coop. While they were decidedly not delighted by the change in their run, the girls wanted some fresh air, so they trotted out, tried to fly over the mud to the grassy area, and eventually left their footprints everywhere.

The red hens' reluctance bothered Egglebert. Here you see him urging them to "come on in, the mud's just fine!"

It's funny, Egglebert appears so small in this photo, like a banty boy! In real life he's a much more manly rooster!

Everyone stayed outside for a good half hour or so of scratching and pecking before they gradually retreated to the dry barn. But they left behind plenty of evidence of their excursion.

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Anonymous said...

Poor chickies! Looks like they were ankle deep. Good thing they don't come in the house. Unlike some other creatures, who leave bigger footprints :/