Thursday, June 6, 2013

Early June

Ulani and I walk past this cornfield nearly every morning, but yesterday the light was absolutely perfect to catch this dramatic photo.

I love when the corn has just emerged, seeing the patterns on the field, imagining an old fashioned tractor, or even a draft horse and plow, moving along these paths.

Around here the water table is very high.  Farmers plant these fields very late.  The field immediately next to Busy Solitude Farm still has not been planted, which probably means it will be beans this year, after a couple of years of corn.  Each crop has its interest for me -- corn encircles my property and gives me a sense of secrecy by the end of the season, the September yellow of the beans brightens the world.

In my own garden, the big excitement is this.

I planted an entire 4x8" raised bed to everbearing strawberries last year.  The plants are huge now, and the green berries transitioning to a luscious bright red.  Today might be the day for the first taste!

But speaking of a taste, someone's been sampling the Swiss chard!  I hope it doesn't turn into a summer of battling nature.  I just want some good produce!


The JR said...

uh oh, you might have to get Ulani to guard your garden!

anno said...

it looks beautiful! Any plans to make jam?