Sunday, June 16, 2013

Garden bed changeover

Over Memorial Day weekend I built this trellis.  It went into temporary placement over the bed where I grew daffodils and tulips for cutting, waiting for me to have time to do the changeover.

Today was the day.

I dug out all the daffodils and tulips.  This was the second season for the daffodils and they did really well, providing many vases of bright yellow to cheer my April and May.  The tulips had been an afterthought, just a mixed color bag I grabbed at the big box store.  The colors weren't great, so I'm not sure I'll replant them here.  Maybe I'll find another location for them.

But these bulbs aren't ready to be stored.  Instead, I dug a trench at one end of this bed and crowded them all in.  It's not ideal, but it will give the leaves a bit more time to absorb sunshine and store food.

Then I replaced the trellis and planted two cucumbers, two canteloupes, and a pumpkin under it.  All but the pumpkin I will train up the trellis -- the pumpkin can have the floor of the bed.  At the last minute I threw in two broccoli plants that had nowhere else to go.  We'll see how that goes.  It's actually kind of crowded in there, though it might not look it today!

Right now all the plants are getting a nice, gentle soaking in.  I can't wait to watch them climb the trellis and send out their fruits!

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The JR said...

My hubby has a torn rotator cup and has not been able to do our garden. I might have to try these raised beds.