Friday, June 29, 2012

Coop coup update

This is so curious to me.  The striped hens changed boxes!  That's Maria on the left now, and the old Cuckoo Marans girl on the right.

Have they no pride?  No attachment to their own nests?  Are they actually going to hatch any eggs, or just take them all out of sales circulation this summer???  I've lost trust in the status of the eggs I find -- has a chick begun to develop in that shell?  I'm certainly not going to sell eggs I'm unsure of -- it's bad enough when I find a rogue chick fetus, imagine my egg customers!!!

So we're all taking a few weeks off.  I just wish these girls would finish up their job soon.


The JR said...

A bad egg is so yucky....

Nathalie Anderson said...

I liked your blog, thanks for sharing this