Friday, November 4, 2011

Orion Over the Barn

Just before 7 this morning, Orion in all his glory over the barn.  See the three little stars lined up?  That's his belt.  The bright star below the belt is one corner of his, uh, skirt.  The bright star above the belt is one of his shoulders.  Here's a map:

You can't see all the stars that make up Orion.  The camera didn't capture them all, though the sky was so clear and crisp this morning that I could see them!

I hope this means that the stars are aligned for us!


MaryEllen Schneider said...

Very cool, Johanna! Always wanted to be able to identify constellations but don't get much practice in Chicago. Darn you, light pollution.

Unknown said...

This is really a great shot! I love Orion! you should consider putting this one on your calendar for next year!

The JR said...

I can only tell the dippers apart.