Friday, June 17, 2011

Another loss

Someone took Ari Duckass. 

Last night I wanted to go to bed early and the ducks were still outside in their fenced area.  I decided to leave the barn hatch door open so they could come in when they were ready.  This was not the first time I've done that.

This morning the Wacky Quackers greeted me in the barn.  I even thought to myself "see, they come in at night and in the morning they wait for Ari to lay her egg, then they go out for the day.

But as I did my chores I realized Ari was not in the barn.  How unusual for the Quackers to be there if she was laying her egg outdoors.  I didn't worry.  I went about my business.

Just now I went to make sure she'd appeared before I get ready for work.  Still didn't see her, so I went out to look and see if maybe she'd gotten out of the fence.  As I walked the perimeter I discovered a track of white feathers going into the high grass.  And as I followed the track it became clear that something had grabbed her and taken her away.

So Ari's gone.  And now I'm bound to have big trouble with those two boys plus my rooster overpopulation.  So if you have some girl ducks, I am ready to give you the Wacky Quackers.  Let me know.


Rose H (UK) said...

Oh Johanna, poor Ari Duckass. It's bad enough to lose our pets and animals to ill health, but when something swipes them :o( I suppose trying to be positive Ari may have helped another creature looking after young....not positive enough when it's your duck though.

Hope you are keeping well.
Hugs from over the pond.

Rose H

The JR said...

Poor Ari. Sorry to hear about that.

The Old Red House said...

I am so sorry! Poor Ari Duckass, she was a class act.