Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Day at Busy Solitude Farm

Ulani was feeling languid until she heard the ducks -- then she woke up!

(It was about 92 degrees when we were outside.  You can see the rooster holding his wings away from his body, trying to catch a breeze in the open window!)


The JR said...

Ulani looked like she could easily get over that fence.

Can you shave her breed? She's a hairy thing!

Johanna said...

Ha! I worry that she might get over the fence, but at eight years old she still hasn't figured that out!

Some people cut down the Briard coat. I've considered it for Ulani, but once her undercoat is shed in the spring it's really not that thick.


Melissa H. said...

I guess somebody's the queen of the yard now that her uncle's gone to the big dog park in the sky. I'm glad she's not depressed or anything.

And thank you for sparing us from watching her pee. :)

Johanna said...

She wasn't peeing!

Sherry said...

Hard to imagine hot, since we're having the coldest spring on record. I've read that the coats of dogs like Briards and Collies help keep them cool and certainly protect their skin from the sun.