Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where's the Smell-o-Vision?

Temperatures hit 80 today, and the lilacs burst into glorious bloom.  Though these two bushes are near the road, I could smell the scent clearly as I left the barn this afternoon.

There are three other lilacs in other places in the yard, kind of surrounding the house.  Now that the windows are open, I'm aware of them everywhere.

Believe it or not, this morning before I left for work I stuck my nose straight into this bush and smelled nothing!

I didn't include anything in this photo for size, but these two side-by-side lilacs are about a head taller than my 5 foot 4 inches.  And this year they're just blowsy and elegant!

 Oh, alright!  I couldn't resist adding myself so you can see just how tall they are!


emanon said...

i closed my eyes and i could smell them, really and truly is there a more wonderful smell than lilacs? the 30 springs i spent in california were all missing the smell of lilacs.

in the pacific northwest they haven't come out yet. we haven't hit 70 degrees yet. it hasn't stopped raining yet.

The JR said...

Beautiful. I wish they would grow here. I think it's too hot for them.