Sunday, May 8, 2011


The rooster problem reached a sad climax today.  Multiple times I heard commotion in the barn, but each time I went to investigate I found nothing wrong.  Finally I stopped checking and went on about my business.

Sadly, when I went to close the barn tonight I discovered Eggy Jr. dead.  The food and waterer were spilled, and two of the white roosters were bloodied.  And as I cleared up the mess, the two roosters began fighting each other.

I've been preparing to rearrange the chicken housing, but am not yet ready to create any more separate pens.  So I took one of the roosters and boarded him with the ducks for overnight.  He can roost up high to stay away from the drakes' probing bills and it keeps him away from the aggressive rooster.

Tomorrow I'll have to give serious consideration to the options.  They aren't many.


Rose H (UK) said...

It's sad, but I think (from my VERY limited knowledge of roosters) they must have some human traits - there are some who just cannot live together in harmony. I think that whatever the answer you find it'll be the right one.
Best wishes
Rose H

The JR said...

Sorry to hear that.

We ended up with 4 roos and have them separate. Hubby kept saying dumplings, but I won't let him.

So 2 are in separate kennels and 2 are together.