Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not again!

The grass exploded into greenness this weekend!  However, what I am really here to tell you about is a cat story.  That's Abe, the black cat, in the middle of the photo.  I just barely cracked the door open to take the photo.  I didn't want Ulani to go out, and I sure as heck was not going.


He had a snake!  This is the second snake he's collected in just a couple of weeks.  The first one he gnawed off the back end, but when I went to dispose of it I discovered it was still alive.  Yikes!  Believe me, I understand how good snakes are for the garden.  I am happy to have them around.  But we have an agreement going from a long time back.  You might recall, we renewed our agreement last spring.  The deal is, the snakes are supposed to stay out of sight.  There are hours and hours of the day that I am at work or asleep.  During those times, the place is all theirs.  But when I am home, the snakes are to stay OUT OF SIGHT!

So this snake was all curled up and the cat got bored.  Must be dead, thought I, so I took the dogs for walks.  When we got back, I steeled myself to go remove it from the yard. 

And it was gone.


RockinTonyA said...

Too funny! I'm not sure why it was in the middle of the yard. They usually like more brush/woodpiles and such. Maybe the cat dragged it there. I think you need to put out a sign... Not sure what it should say though.

The JR said...

Like I said before, I hate snakes.

Wendy'sHens said...

It looks like a harmless snake. They definitely have a bad rap. In parts of India, they are revered and if you see one in meditation, that is very auspicious! When my husband and I first moved here in 1992, I was sickened to find out my husband was taking a shovel to any snake he came across. I gave him 3 kinds of H*%# and now we have an understanding. His mother always taught him that they were wicked serpents. They are very good to have around though as long as they are not poisonous.