Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning has Broken, 9

A windy morning at Busy Solitude Farm.  You can hear the gusts.  Unstable spring weather as the jet stream shifts into warmer mode.

Everything is waking up after a week or two in the 40s and 50s, along with quite a bit of rain.

Walk down here and you'll see I've planted two Coppertina ninebarks to fill in a gap on the south fence.  The one on the left I bought last summer and neglected until the last moment that I could put it in the ground.
All winter I worried "will it survive?  Will it wake up?"  Now you can see those red leaves beginning to peek out.  Maybe it was jealous of the one on the right, which I bought a couple of weeks ago at a local nursery.

Such a gorgeous color!

The grass grew gangbusters this week.  Due for a mow again already -- I cut the main lawn last weekend.  That is what spring is all about.

That and wind.  Just look at this wind.

Hey! Who's that?!

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The JR said...

I think the wind has been worse this year than ever.