Thursday, November 18, 2010

Council of Chickens

I went out to the barn this morning and opened the hatch for the birds to go outside.  No one came.  Not one of them. 

So I looked into the back room to see what was going on.  It was very quiet.  It appears that they were holding a Council of Chickens.  That's Egglebert on the roost at the back, chairing the meeting.  Eggy Jr. acted as bailiff keeping order.  

You'll note that the Wacky Quackers are right before the chairman.  Perhaps they brought a grievance to be reviewed; perhaps they WERE the grievance!

I simply excused myself so that they could take care of business.  I hope someone will let me read the minutes!


The JR said...

They must have been telling secrets!

Nancy K. said...



Amy said...

How funny is that!


Roberta said...

Maybe the Wacky Quackers finally got busted for menacing the girls as they try to exit the coop! It's hard to tell. I'm always impressed cuz the poultry community is a lot more organized than they look.