Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roost Boost!

I'm back from Indianapolis, where my sister is now on the mend.  Thanks to all for your kind well-wishes!

While I'm scampering to get caught up, I thought I'd share a little video of Mama Hen and her two babies.  One of the babysitters reported to me that they'd begun roosting while I was away.  As you'll see, this means flying up to a 5 foot crossbar where they can sleep!  Last night I was in the barn when Mama and the dark baby were up, but the white baby was struggling.  I gave updates to a friend on the phone and observed for about five minutes as white baby grew more and more frustrated.  Finally I could not stand it any longer, and I gave her a "roost boost"!  That's where the video picks up.  More later.  (Bark alert!  Oskar barks in the background of this video -- when I played it this morning, Ulani went crazy!)


The JR said...

I hope they are both girl's too!

Sheryl at Providence North said...

Poor baby! Maybe you could put in a lower roost for her?