Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you ready for your close-up?

The irises exploded this week into their glorious blowsiness!  Look at this blue with a bit of pink undertone.  Gorgeous!

Purple with purple beard -- these absolutely fill the center of the bed in a cool pool of purple loveliness.

 And how about these inky beauties?  Nearly black, except when the sun shines through them.
I wanted Iris Beverly Sills for years -- finally found her on eBay!  Isn't she just the greatest iris?

There are other blooms in the perennial bed.  Here's a lovely digitalis.

What a terrific color, and those great freckles spilling out of the flowers just fascinate me.

Hey!  That's no flower!

And coming soon...  Papaver Princess Victoria Louise!  Can't wait!

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The JR said...

Luv them. They always fill the yard with joy.