Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guest poster: A Message from Oskar

I got sent to jail today.

Johanna said because my bark got hoarse and I was coughing some days I had to go see Dr. Mike.  Again!  Wasn't I just there and he said I was A-OK?!  Uh-yea-uh, I think that's true!

But Johanna said I had to go, and I like to ride in the car, so I went.  Dr. Mike examined me and said he could not find anything wrong, but maybe they would do an X-ray to make sure my heart and lungs are ok.  I thought we could take a pass, but Johanna said yes, that would be nice.  Nice!!

This is what it looks like inside jail.  Cinder block walls.  A thin mattress.  Bread and water to eat, and just a few minutes on the basketball court... Oh, wait.  That was a movie I saw.

After a while they brought me to the Xray room.  You know I am a Big Guy -- look how tall that table is!

I thought perhaps they had made a mistake and they did not mean that they wanted me to lie down up there.  I won't show you the next step.  Just know that Dr. Mike called me "wiggley"!

Betty had to hold me still on the table so they could take my picture.  I guess they're not very good at taking pictures.  Johanna never has to hold me still!  And she takes lots and lots of pictures of me!  Maybe you have seen some of them.  They're all over this blog.  Only the chickens are more popular.  Darned chickens.

After they took my pictures they put me back in jail.  And this is what my picture looked like:

Dr. Mike says heart and lungs look fine for "a big guy my age".  I like when he calls me a Big Guy.  Because I am a big guy.  Nice to know someone appreciates it!

Johanna picked me up and we went back to her work for a few hours.  I had a nap, and when we left I ate a lot of snow.  Then we came home and had dog dinner and now I am writing to tell you:  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!  SO DON'T TAKE ME TO DR. MIKE AGAIN FOR A WHILE!

Thank you for your attention.


Unknown said...

Glad the hoarseness is apparently nothing. Oskar is such a good hairy man for putting up with two trips to Dr. Mike in one month!

Always enjoy visiting your blog, Johanna, and it's especially nice when you have good news to share :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure he ran away or one of the chickens locked him out of the yard and he got caught!

Callie Brady said...

Good to hear that Oskar is fine. Great photos!

MaryEllen Schneider said...

Glad all is well with Oskar.Better to be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie and Blanche are glad that everyone is okay over at Busy Solitude Farm.....lots of folks to keep track of and healthy. Good job Johanna!

Unknown said...

Oskar is such a big beautiful old
dog. Here is a great quotation about dogs by Dean Koontz, "....dogs were put into this world to remind humanity that love, loyalty, devotion,courage,patience and good humor are the qualities that with honesty, are the essence of admirable character and the very definition of a life well lived."
That sounds like Oskar don't cha think?
Love, granma

Chicken Boys said...

Sounds like he knows what he's talking about. Maybe you should listen to him more often!

The JR said...

Oh Big Guy, I'm so glad you're okay. Johanna justs wants to be safe and make sure. You can't be too careful you know.

Take care Oskar!

Sara said...

Oskar, So glad you're just fine. That Johanna loves you a lot big guy! xx

Sheryl at Providence North said...

I am glad he's ok. What a cutie he is!


John Going Gently said...

nothing makes me cry more than a sick dog